Swimming Louisville

Swimming Louisville

Woodhaven Country Club has been "The Friendliest Club in Town" for over 50 years! We offer a top notch Country Club experience at a very affordable price. You can bring the whole family and experience a great day of recreational activities and fun. Whatever your favorite pastime: swimming, golfing, fishing, fitness, or even live entertainment, Woodhaven's got something for you!


Swimming is one of the most athletic, fun, and relaxing recreational activities, and it's a perfect way to cool off during the scorching and humid summer days. But as you know, not all swimming pools are created equal. Woodhaven has set out to create the best swimming environment available. If you have children, there's no better place to take them than Woodhaven's giant family pool. The largest of its kind in the Louisville area, the family pool is designed to be much safer then a traditional swimming pool. It starts out just 1 foot deep around the edges and gradually slopes down to 4 feet deep the closer you get to the center of the pool. This makes it perfect for small children to have fun in the water while minimizing your parental worries.

For more advanced and competitive swimmers, there's a second, 75 foot long diving pool with a depth of 4 to 12 feet, as well as 2 diving boards. Side by side, these pools together split the swimmers into two categories: The older, more active swimmers in the diving pool, and parents with small children safe from splashes and horseplay in the family pool. This makes Woodhaven one of the best swimming experiences in the Louisville area! Don't take our word for it... Stop by today and see for yourself!

About Woodhaven Country Club

Woodhaven Country Club has been "The Friendliest Club in Town", and one of Louisville's premier country club locations, for over 50 years. Woodhaven's core values center around creating a family-friendly environment, where families can spend quality time together and are free to be themselves. We are proud to offer a fun, affordable way for the entire family to experience "five star" service in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. We upgrade and improve our facility and amenities every year, because we strive to offer the best country club experience in the area.

We also aim to be affordable to the average family.  This is not an elitist club. We're the only country club in Louisville that does not charge food and beverage minimums, and we never annually assess our members!

Woodhaven offers an unsurpassed level of recreational activities and entertainment. Our family pool is perfect for your little ones to enjoy the water safely, and our second diving pool offers a more traditional pool experience for older, more experienced swimmers. These pools are side by side so you can all swim together. Our 18-Hole championship golf course offers an exceptional golfing experience for the golfing enthusiast, while our more tame 3-Par golf course and driving range is perfect for amateur golfers or for the whole family to golf together. Woodhaven even has live music, fishing lakes, fitness classes and so much more!

As you can see, we make a huge effort to involve family in everything we do, which is why "The Friendliest Club in Town" is not a slogan thrown out lightly. Quality time with your family is at a premium in this day and age, and we want to make sure both kids and adults can have a fun, relaxing day at Woodhaven.

If you haven’t yet, we would love to have you come visit “The Friendliest Club in Town”, where we’ve been on vacation since 1957. Call our Main Office today at 502-491-7112 to speak to a member of our friendly staff or stop by during office hours for a tour of our fantastic facilities.


Swimming Louisville