Rental Information

The following are our room rental rates.  Please contact our Catering Director or Assistant Catering Director for more information.

The Dining Room (Crystal Room)
Accomodates Up to 450 guests

Friday:                   $1395.00                                       Saturday:               $1695.00                                          Sunday:                 $750.00 
Monday – Thursday: $395.00
Saturday in May, June, Sept., Oct.: $2195.00

The Oak Room 
Accomodates up to 50 guests         
Monday - Thursday: $100

Friday - Sunday: $195

On-Site Wedding Ceremonies
Accomodates 200 inside
Accomodation for outdoor weddings vary by location
All Days: $500.00


Available for $195 per event

The Cabana & Pool
All Days: $750.00

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